The Making of Book Box Club

Hi everyone! Welcome to the Book Box Club blog. We’ll be using this space to keep you up-to-date on all of the exciting developments that are happening behind the scenes at Book Box Club HQ.

Right now, our office/living rooms are in a state of cheerful disarray, scattered with blue and green books, empty tea mugs, and copious pieces of sugar paper packed with ideas from late-night, chocolate-infused brainstorming sessions. We’re working hard to bring you the very best books and bookish items in our first Book Box Club parcels and we’re having a lot of fun whilst we work. We hope to share with you all that we’ve been planning very soon, but until then we’d really like to get to know you and for you to get to know us… so here’s the story of how Book Box Club came to be.

It was a dark, cold night in January, weary from our days at work and the hustle and bustle of the London rush hour travel, my good friend Libby Harris and I were eating an extraordinary amount of chicken and avocado salad at her house. We were chatting away as usual, when we happened upon this great idea: wouldn’t it be fun if we could work together again and if, whatever we might work together on, would be about our joint most favourite thing – books!

I met Libby in 2010 when were both selling books at award-winning independent bookshop Mr B’s Emporium of Reading Delights in Bath. We had an absolute ball working together: every day was a whirlwind of recommending our favourite reads to customers, drinking tea (we were often the instigators of a tea-round) and surrounding ourselves with the sights and smells of our beloved books. And after work, we often spent our evenings together, swimming in the slightly grubby local pool, trying out the latest exercise craze or baking in our ill-equipped kitchens. I still work at Mr B’s, but I knew that when Libby left to write a YA novel, it wouldn’t be the last that I saw of her…

After that first excited brainstorming session at Libby’s house, we met and talked frequently, with each of us throwing more and more bookish ideas into the pot. What emerged was our shared delight at receiving surprises in the post, the joy that we got from chatting about books with other book geeks and our desire to link up with creative people who were also making cool, fun, bookish stuff… and so Book Box Club was born.

L&K1 copySince that day we’ve discovered a whole new level of busyness. We’ve had incredibly detailed conversations about box structures and paper colours. We’ve created financial spreadsheets and grappled with website design. We’ve faffed about on the HMRC website and struggled to find any business banking advisor available to chat with us about our new venture in all of Essex and Wiltshire. We’ve weighed books on our kitchen scales,┬ácoordinated photo shoots with the expertise of Libby’s wonderful boyfriend Hakan, and drawn a logo (these bits were particularly enjoyable).

When we said “Let’s start a business, it’ll be fun”, I can’t say that I had anticipated all of the different challenges that lay ahead… and it gives me a whole new sense of appreciation for all those small business owners out there. Kudos to you all for making it look so easy!

I’ve already learnt how rewarding striking out on your own can be, but I feel very grateful to have a business sister by my side in this exciting venture. We want to bring together people who are as optimistic, obsessive and geeky as we are. We want to put these awesome, bookish people in a (virtual) room together and be part of that conversation about something that we all love – it’s going to be a blast! We hope you’ll join us.

Love, Kate xx


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