Five reasons to join Book Box Club tomorrow!

Dear fellow book geeks,

Today we write to you in a state of great excitement and giddy nervousness because tomorrow (that’s right TOMORROW!!), is the day that Book Box Club officially opens for business. We can’t wait to finally share with you everything that we’ve been planning, recruit some founding club members and begin sending out brilliant books and glorious goodies.

Here’s what will happen tomorrow… in a Cinderella-style moment, at some point during the morning (technology permitting!) our modest landing page at will magically transform into a sparkly new website (at that very same address) where you’ll be able to read all about Book Box Club. Then, we’ll whoop and dance around our kitchens and hope that lots of you feel inclined to sign up and join our club!

If you haven’t already made up your mind, here’s five simple reasons why we think you should join Book Box Club for our first box and beyond…

web homepage join our club

  1. With so many books out there to choose from, let us choose you one positively brilliant book every month. For each box, we’ll spend hours devouring advanced reading copies, scouring publisher schedules and debating which of the glossy, stunning, brand new books on offer is the very best… and that’s the book that we’ll send to you.
  2.  As our motto states, Book Box Club offers more than just a book in a box, as well as a fabulous monthly book, each box will contain gorgeous goodies, a Q&A  with our featured author and an invitation to our members-only online book group, where you’ll be able to chat to other book geeks about all things unashamedly bookish and get closer to the brains behind the books.
  3. If you’re signed up to our newsletter, tomorrow (Saturday 16th July), you’ll receive a discount voucher, so that you can snap up your first Book Box Club membership deal with a cheeky saving, as a thanks to you for supporting us whilst we’re just getting started. If you’re not signed up to the newsletter, you can subscribe here.
  4. The goodies in our September box are truly awesome! We’ll be revealing the box theme and some of our featured suppliers over the next few weeks, but just to tantalise you in the mean-time, here’s a little hint about one of the items (look away now if you’re a “complete surprise freak”, like Kate)….  Our first box features an exclusive goody, designed especially for Book Box Club and inspired by A Court of Thorns and Roses!
  5. There’ll be plenty of opportunities to sign up to Book Box Club in the future, but our September box is the very first box, if you join our club now you’ll be making history (and you’ll get a badge in your box to prove it!) as a founding member of a our new unashamedly bookish venture.

Don’t forget, we only have a limited number boxes available, so make sure you sign up fast so that you don’t miss out.

That’s all for now bookish buddies. Have lovely weekend and if you have any questions about our club after the website goes live please do drop us a line in the comments, or via our social media homes on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Lots of love,
Kate & Libby xx


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