Behind the Scenes in the Enchanted Forest

Hello bookish blog readers!

First things first, anyone reading this blog who has yet to watch our fancy theme reveal trailer, stop reading now! Click here then carry on. I don’t want to spoil any surprises.

Did you finish watching? Good! So it’s official and all out in the open… the theme for our first ever Book Box Club box is…The Enchanted Forest! We have a fantastic book featuring a distinctly eerie forest going into our September box, plus lots of enchanted forest themed bookish goodies made by very talented craftspeople.

We had such a lot of fun creating our first Book Box Club trailer, that we thought we’d share with you the behind the scenes story of how we made it and of the very kind people that gave up their Saturday (and much more) to help.

It all began the morning after a late night, wine-fuelled, storyboarding session and google-maps-a-thon with my lovely boyfriend Hakan, who is, rather fortunately, a film-maker by trade! ( A little worse for wear and giddy with excitement we squeezed into my car surrounded by copious books, teapots, camera gear, living room furniture and costume changes and headed for Epping Forest. This gorgeous wood with all of its little hidden corners and beautiful ancient oak trees has been one of my favourite walking places since I was a child, so I knew it would be the perfect spot for an Enchanted Forest themed film. Deep in the woods we met up with two of my besties: Chloe, (the beautiful long-haired nymph girl star of our film) and Amy (the chief supplier of cherry coke, sweets and enthusiasm!) and the serious film-making began.

behind the scenes1

What soon became apparent was that making a trailer isn’t as quick and easy and one would think. Even after you’ve gathered your props, fell in love with a professional film-maker, roped in your ever-helpful dedicated friends and found a leafy location there’s still an awful lot to do. Our biggest enemy was a swarm of large, very angry mosquitos who plagued us with hundreds and hundreds of bites (they even bit through my jeans!) and lead to poor Amy being slapped in the face when I thought that there was a mosquito resting on her cheek. Sorry about that Amy!

Apart from the mosquitoes (and for Chloe rather a lot of traipsing barefoot through mud in a lacy dress on a relatively cold day!) the filming was a blast. Somehow, amongst all the fun, we got all of the shots that we needed and headed for home, avoiding a torrential downpour by a narrow ten minute window, and feeling very smug.
I didn’t realise the magic that happens in post production. Hakan swapped around scenes, edited clips out and put a beautiful enchanted looking glow over everything. After each cut I was there looking over his shoulder saying “great!”,” perfect” and “I think it’s done now!”, no doubt irritating the hell out of him. He’s a massive perfectionist (a classic Virgo) and I am…often a bit impatient. I was so excited to show everyone, but thankfully Hakan made me wait until everything really was perfect.

We also asked the lovely Paul (over at to put together this beautifully atmospheric and slightly spooky soundtrack. It’s exactly how I pictured it. This music sets the tone perfectly and is so reminiscent of the book we have going into the first box. I can almost see the characters each time I hear it! Paul was a dream to work with too. What a pro!

So now, the Enchanted Forest trailer is finished. What do you guys think? We’d love to hear what you make of our first theme. Remember, there are only a limited number of boxes available so get in there quick and subscribe to avoid disappointment.

If you like the trailer please share it with your friends…or with strangers, or with anyone you can. Retweet, regram, share and all that good stuff because in September there will be a (virtual) party in the Enchanted Forest and you are all invited! With less mosquitoes…probably.

We hope you all have enchanting Sundays,





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