How Harry Potter made Me

Hello bookish lovelies!

So, here it is… I thought I had come to terms with the fact that this day would never come. A new Harry Potter book… Sort of. JK vowed years ago that she wouldn’t write another book about Harry and when I finished Deathly Hallows I felt bereft at the prospect of never meeting the trio again, of never hearing what happened to the characters that I had grown up with.

harry-potter-cursed-child-final-coverI know The Cursed Child is different. I know it’s a play script and I know that it won’t be the same anymore. Still, I feel like the same obsessed teenager in a queue stretching down the road from my local bookshop; the money I had earned in my weekend job in a DIY shop clutched to my chest and a lightning scar drawn on my forehead in lipstick. I was one of the many who spent that weekend reading solidly, only stopping for brief periods for sleep and sustenance. Some people may have called me a ‘geek’ but I didn’t care and I cried when it was over, then turned straight back to The Philosopher’s Stone to start all over again.

Not much has changed really. Harry Potter become such a big part of my teenage years, I had started reading age 12, so Harry remained a similar age to me throughout the series. I had been there from the beginning, making wands out of chopsticks, trawling through fan art online, acting out scenes from the films I knew word for word and taking online sorting hat tests regularly, just to check (I’m a proud Gryffindor by the way and Kate is the biggest Ravenclaw I’ve ever met!). I thought about Hogwarts regularly and wondered what had happened to the owl with my letter! Seriously though, I think I have JK Rowling to thank for my love of books now. If I hadn’t spent all those years reading and rereading Harry Potter and then reading to fill the gap Harry Potter left behind, who knows if I would have been as big a reader as I am. If I didn’t love books… Who would I be? There would be no Book Box Club, that’s for sure. I wouldn’t have met some of my bookish friends. Everything would be different. In summary… Harry Potter made me. God, I’m dramatic. This is fandom at its best people!

I’m trying to calm down my excitement, I don’t want to be bitterly disappointed when the script doesn’t give me all the answers I’m looking for. I’m trying to prepare myself for the anti-climax… and yet I can’t prevent the excitement from bubbling up every time I think about it! Maybe it’s the hype. It does coincide with a weekend that is very exciting for Book Box Club for another reason, namely YALC! We can’t wait to join in in the fun and meet friends that we have chatted to online in the flesh! Plus the Harry Potter party; I can’t wait to see so many people who love the books as much as me. If only teenage me could come along too. There will be no people hanging around in the corners calling me a ‘geek’ or if there are they will be flinging the word around like a compliment and I’ll wear it like a badge of honour. I’m a Harry Potter geek and proud. Who is with me?

How is everyone else feeling about The Cursed Child? Anyone else at the YALC Potter party this weekend? Anyone else share this Harry Potter obsession? We’d love to hear from you either in the comments below or via our social media places. Stand by for a review of The Cursed Child very soon!

Have a magical day and don’t forget if you’re in the mood for a monthly YA subscription box with an online members-only book group, Book Box Club is open for new members:


2 thoughts on “How Harry Potter made Me

  1. I completely relate to this! Harry Potter brings back so many memories of growing up, the friendships forged over the books, the love of magic and mayhem… How my siblings and I fought over the one copy of the book our parents got us, the long wait for the next instalments, the saving up of pennies literally!! I hope I can catch a performance of the play later in the year so will not read the book just yet! But like you am super excited!


    1. Ah! So nice to hear from another hardcore fan! I can’t imagine having to share my copy; that would have been a nightmare. I feel like I’ve given up hope of getting tickets to the play mostly because I’m so rubbish at being on the ball and online as soon as they go on sale. If you do make it to a show do let me know how it is!!x


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