Introducing… Our First September Supplier: OhPandaEyes

Hello bookish buddies!

Libby and Kate here again with some exciting news about our upcoming September box….We are thrilled to announce… that the fantastic bookish crafter OhPandaEyes will be contributing towards our Enchanted Forest theme. AND will be creating an exclusive item, especially for Book Box Club September members! Eek!

At Book Box Club HQ we have both had our eyes on Mariyam’s  OhPandaEyes Etsy store for a while now and when we were on the look out for beautiful items to include in our first box, we each separately put Mariyam’s name at the top of our ‘most wanted’ lists. We knew she was perfect for Book Box Club because:

a.) Her creations are gorgeous;
b.) The items  are inspired by all of our favourite books, and
c.) Mariyam is so friendly and has been so supportive of Book Box Club from the very beginning.

Because we are so excited to collaborate with Mariyam for our very first box, (and are so massively in awe of her crafting skills), we thought we would find out a little bit more about her. In fact, we are so interested in what makes artistic people tick, we have decided to make this a series, so make yourselves comfortable and get ready for the first ever…Book Box Club- Crafty Q&A…

Mariyam Khan- OhPandaEyes


So Mariyam, we know you love books, tell us about your favourites.

This is always a hard question, I have SO many favourites, if I manage to finish a book it’s usually because I love it!
The two series that got me into jewellery making were The Infernal Devices and The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare, so they’re both up there! Some of my all time favourite books and series are Harry Potter (that’s a given), Starcrossed by (Josephine Angelini), Vendetta (Catherine Doyle), The Bone Season (Samantha Shannon), A Court of Thorns and Roses (Sarah J. Maas), Rainbow Rowell and Jennifer Niven are also my favourites! The list would go on forever at this rate…
Non YA books that mean a lot to me are Jane Eyre, because that was the one book my mum wanted me to read growing up. Another is Must Love Otters by Eliza Gordon, there is so much in that book that related to me and spurred me on!

What are you currently reading?

I managed to finish Harry Potter and the Cursed Child much faster than I had promised myself I would, it was amazing! So I’m now on to A Song About a Girl by Chris Russell, which is a boyband lit that I really recommend!

Which of your creations are you proudest of and why?

I usually don’t think about what creations make me the proudest, because most of the time they’re just ideas in my head that come out, but reading reviews or having people message me about how much they or someone they gifted a piece of my jewellery to, love it, totally blows me away!
If I was to think about it though, the Beauty and the Beast vial necklace is something so unique that whenever I make them, I fall in love with them over and over again.

What does your crafting area look like?

My crafting area is what I’d call organised chaos, my mum would call it ‘taking over the living room sofa’ or ‘Mariyam’s mess’ (she doesn’t mean it, though). I like to be relaxed when I’m making, after all I started the shop as a hobby!

What do you eat whilst you craft and what do you listen to?

I try my best not to eat ‘proper’ food when I’m crafting because it would just be so messy, there are probably sweets and crisps around though!
Hmm, music, I usually listen to music that compliments my mood, if I’m tired or a little down it’s slower and if I’m feeling extra cheery then it’s a lot faster! A lot of the time, I’m watching a movie or a Korean drama whilst I’m making jewellery!

Have you ever had a crafting disaster?

The one crafting disaster I remember was so awful; I had made a whole host of Game of Thrones inspired cufflinks for a wedding in Peru. And somehow they didn’t reach their destination, I was so upset, but I couldn’t let the wedding party not have gifts for the groomsmen, so I remade for free!

What inspires you to craft and how did you begin?

It’s actually a pretty cool story, I wanted to order a bracelet from a store on Etsy but the seller didn’t dispatch to the UK, after messaging her, we actually became such good friends and she gave me the idea to start up a bookish store since there weren’t a lot in the UK. She even taught me the basics about jewellery making, I totally wouldn’t have been able to do it without Show Pony!

Apart from making beautiful things and reading what do you like doing?

I’ve become a bit of a hermit crab in the last couple of years, but I love spending time with my friends and my cat, Loki. I like taking photos too, it’s something I’ve done for years and I still love capturing those candid moments.



If you are interested in hearing more about Mariyam and her beautiful creations then check out her etsy profile or her website.

Remember, if you want to get your hands on the exclusive OhPandaEyes item in our Enchanted Forest box then click here now and subscribe to avoid disappointment, we only have a limited number of boxes available.

Have an inspiring weekend everyone,

Libby and Kate


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