If you go down to the woods today…

Greetings bookish friends,

I am blogging from Book Box Club HQ in front of a delivery of lovely items all wrapped and ready to be carefully placed into our very first box. We can’t wait to see your September boxes come together and for you to read this first book, especially so that we have lots more people to discuss the explosive ending with! Excited doesn’t quite cover it!

We have already given you a few little clues about what’s going to be in our September box, but for anyone who hasn’t been glued to Instagram or Twitter, here is a recap on what you can expect AND a few more hints about our featured book:

still 10

1.) The theme for the first box is The Enchanted Forest (check out our theme reveal trailer here) that means not only will you receive a brilliant book in which the main characters explore a very deep, dark wood to uncover an ancient secret, but we’ve also packed in some gorgeous forest-themed goodies too.

2.) So far, we’ve given very little away about our featured September book, but as we know some of you are itching for a few hints, we can now reveal that the book in the Enchanted Forest box is a dark page-turner with a magical twist, perfect for fans of The Hunger Games and Divergent!

Maryiam Collage

3.) One of the items in the box has been created exclusively for September Book Box Club members by the ridiculously talented OhPandaEyes who made all of the beautiful things in the picture above. To find out more about OhPandaEyes read our Crafty Q&A in the previous post, or have a browse around her Etsy store here).

4.) One of the items in the box is inspired by Sarah J. Maas’ A Court of Thorns and Roses. If I don’t keep them all for myself (joke…sort of!).

5.) There will be an exciting sneak peak from another eagerly anticipated YA book that we can’t wait to get our hands on and that we think that you’re going to love!

6.) You will each receive an invitation to a secret online book group where we will discuss the book with each other…and the author! Who (we can confirm) is an absolute blast and is very excited to chat with you all.


7.) Each book will be lovingly wrapped, tied with string and packaged right here where I’m sitting at Book Box Club HQ by your very excited Book Box Club founders, Kate and Libby (for more about us click here).

8.) Everybody joining us for our very first month will receive an exclusive Book Box Club Founding Members badge which will not be available anywhere else ever again and will therefore, no doubt, become a much sought-after collector’s item in the future!

Phew! So many reasons to be excited; I think I need a lie down. AND that’s not everything we’ve got a few more surprises up our sleeve, which we’ll keep a secret for you to enjoy when you receive your September box.

Remember, bookish buddies, The Enchanted Forest box is selling fast so if you haven’t already signed up subscribe now to avoid disappointment and claim your status one of our founding members.

Wishing you all weekends full of sunshine and of course, books!

Lots of love,
Libby x


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