The first rule of Book Group is…

Happy Saturday to all of you book lovers out there!

Here at Book Box Club HQ it’s full steam ahead as we prepare to send our our Enchanted Forest September boxes. We’ll be posting our boxes on the 15th September and there are still some boxes available, but please sign up soon to avoid disappointment, we only have a limited number of boxes left.

We’ve also been making plans for one of the coolest things about Book Box Club: our members-only online online book group! We’re working with a very friendly and talented web developer, who is creating an all-singing, all-dancing Book Box Club Book Group website especially for our subscribers.

web homepage join our club

Our Book Group site will feature:

  • Private forums where we’ll host our featured author in a monthly book group and where our members can chat to the brains behind the books and to each other;
  • A “clubhouse” for Book Box Club members to discuss all things bookish any time;
  • Author reading videos to bring the magic of our featured books to life;
  • More behind the scenes material from our theme reveal trailers and general Book Box Club antics!

Phew! Sounds like a blast, right?

All of this planning has made me think about my own book group experiences. I’ve attended various types of real-life book groups in my time: ones hosted by bookshops, ones that take place in cosy pubs and impromptu ones that I have with my Mum over coffee and croissants. I am the person who rocks up to book club thinking I have made my mind up about a certain book only to have it completely changed after an hour of indulgently bookish debate. That’s what I think makes a great book group; a passionate discussion with other bookish people all with different opinions on the same thing.

Some of the best book groups I’ve been to are the ones where a book sparks a huge other discussion about a general world issue; be it equality, war, religion or mental health. Points that other book group members bring up can make you readdress what you’ve just finished reading and feel like you want to read it all over again.

IMG-20160827-WA0002And the great thing is, at book group, not everyone has to agree, in fact different views are encouraged. However, I can’t pretend it doesn’t hurt a little bit when a book you adore gets criticised or when someone doesn’t finish reading a favourite that you’ve lent them. My boyfriend put down the copy of The Knife of Never Letting Go that I’d lent him this week because he said the plot wasn’t going anywhere! I couldn’t believe it- I thought it was one of the most exciting books I’d ever read and I recommend it to people all the time. I suppose everyone is entitled to their own opinions and everyone has different tastes all of which become glaringly apparent at a well-mediated book group. You just have to repeat this mantra: “just because our taste in books is different, it doesn’t mean we can’t be friends.” I know, I know; It can be tricky!

Sometimes, if I know I am reading a book that I will later discuss with other people, or if I am reading alongside one of my bookish buddies, I will make notes as I read. I have a notebook filled with illegible scribbles only I will ever be able to decipher. I am always worried that I will forget to discuss things. I love jotting down favourite quotes.

Another important thing about book group…snacks! Crisps, sweets or (our favourite) biscuits all aid the flow of the conversation (right?). When taking part in a Book Box Club online meeting members must remember to prepare their snack of choice ahead of time. It’s a shame we can’t share snacks in an online book group. I can guarantee you that Kate and I will be munching away on some chocolate digestives whilst hosting though!

What do you guys think about book groups? Do you have any favourite book group memories that you can share with us? We want to make our Book Box Club Book Group as awesome as possible, so we’ve made this short questionnaire to learn about how our bookish sorts feel about some key book group issues. We would love it if you’d take five minutes to fill it in OR just leave us a comment below!

A big thanks and bookish wishes to you all,

Libby x


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