Behind the Scenes with the Freedom Squad

Hooray! It’s theme reveal time. We are so excited for you all to see what we have been working hard on this month.

If, by some miracle, you haven’t yet seen our October theme reveal trailer then please click the picture below and watch it quick before you carry on reading:



So there it is. The Freedom Squad. We are so excited about October’s book, its full of really hard hitting themes, beautifully complex characters and the writing is seriously brilliant. I just know that you guys are going to love it and I can’t wait for you all to read it so we can discuss it in the Book Box Club meeting. Eek! So many things to look forward to but before we do that, let me give you a little sneak peak behind the scenes with The Freedom Squad.behind-the-scenes-freedom1


Let me tell you. The world of film is not as glamourous as it’s cracked up to be. I came to this conclusion after hours of filming, at 11 o clock at night, in a dark warehouse with only a sad chicken wrap and a large supply of malteasers for sustenance. Luckily I was working with the dream team; my lovely boyfriend/(handy) filmmaker Hakan Ahmet and his photographer brother/lighting pro Tarik Ahmet (who also took all of these behind the scenes photos) definitely helped keep spirits high. Thanks boys for all the enthusiasm and know how and for supplying the snacks. I’m not sure Book Box Club would function without it’s very loyal snack suppliers!

Since the beautiful Enchanted Forest theme reveal trailer from September I have been desperate to star in a video and after convincing the others of my excellent (?!) acting skills I was cast in the enviable role of ‘rebellious girl in warehouse’. I had my dramatic make up done by the very professional and lovely Emine which really helped get me into character and by the time the false eyelashes were stuck on and my leather jacket was out from the cupboard, I was ready for action.freedom2.jpg

We really wanted to go for a gritty, urban vibe in this film so we borrowed a jam packed warehouse from the lovely guys at Merlin Refrigeration. The fridges were very obliging extras and definitely added to the industrial grunge feel. Wandering around the industrial estate late at night with a bag of books and a face full of makeup must have looked more than a little bit suspicious so thank you boys for letting us have free reign!

I really hope you guys have half as much fun watching the trailer as we had making it. We can’t wait for you all to see what we have in store for you in our October box and for you to join us for our top secret Freedom Squad online book club (#BookBoxClubSquadGoals). Do let us know what you think and share on your social media channels; we want as many people as possible in our squad so help us spread the word and we’ll be very grateful!

freedom3.jpgOur Freedom Squad October box goes on sale on 15th September (that’s only four days away!) so get in there quick to secure your box. If you want to be reminded when October is ready to purchase and are interested in sneak peeks from the box then sign up for our newsletter now.


I hope you have a lovely restful Sunday, lots of love,




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