Join the Freedom Squad!


Hello book squad,

Kate and I have been busy preparing for our October box, sending exciting emails out to suppliers, finalizing delivery details with publishers and ordering a shed load more turquoise packing shred! We can’t wait. This next book is really important to us; it’s one that we think will spark lots of emotion-fuelled book club chats and we just cant wait for you all to read it so we can discuss!

So, what do we know about the October box so far and what sneak peeks can we reveal that won’t give the game away?

1.) The theme is The Freedom Squad (check out our Freedom Squad theme reveal trailer here), which means that not only will you receive a brilliant book in which the main characters fight to overthrow their violent oppressors, but the bookish goodies will revolve around the Freedom Squad theme too.

2.) We like to keep the book that we are sending top secret so we won’t tell you the title, but we can reveal that October’s book is thought-provoking, full of complex and diverse charabehind-the-scenes-photography-7993cters and will leave you punching the air and shouting ‘YES!’ to your empty house…unless that was just me. Perfect for fans of The Book Thief and Noughts and Crosses.

3.) One of the box items is inspired by one of my favourite reads of the year An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir (talk about squad goals in that book, am I right?)

4.) There will be an exclusively designed piece that is one of the most instagrammable things I have ever seen and you guys will all want to hang it in your house and take pictures of it! I was sent a ‘work in progress’ photo this week and I’m so excited!


5.) We can now confirm that we will be working with the amazing Meraki Candles who will supply an item for this box. Eek! I am a big fan already and have been keeping my eye on her gorgeous Etsy shop like a hawk. We are so excited about working with another brilliant craftsperson we have invited her to take part in our Crafty Q&A blog series so stay tuned to hear what inspires her work in our next blog.

6.) You will each receive an invitation to our members-only online book group where we will discuss the book with each other…and the author! This author has a very interesting story about how he/she came to write the book that I can’t wait to ask about. It’s going to be a blast!

7.) Each book will be lovingly wrapped, tied with string and packaged right here where I’m sitting at Book Box Club HQ by your very excited Book Box Club founders, Kate and Libby (for more about us click here). books-wrapped

My goodness! No wonder we are bouncing off the walls with excitement. The Freedom Squad box is extra jam-packed with handmade goodies and this book seriously is a must read. Keeping it a secret is killing me! I want to talk about it with everyone I know.

Remember, bookish buddies, we only have a limited number of Freedom Squad boxes available and they are selling fast so if you haven’t already signed up subscribe now to avoid disappointment and lets start our own squad (#squadgoals).

Wishing you all cosy weekends curled up with duvets, biscuits and of course books!

Lots of love,
Libby x


2 thoughts on “Join the Freedom Squad!

    1. Yay! So glad to hear you enjoyed September’s box. You are going to love October; it’s jam packed and I am obsessed with Meraki candles (I can now buy stuff from her Etsy and call it research, right?) 🙂


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