Meet me at the Clubhouse

Hello Bookish Buddies,

I’ve just wiped the sweat off my brow from an intense Book Box Club training session! Don’t worry we haven’t been embarking on any strenuous physical activity (unless packing boxes counts), but we have been working on something much more taxing… learning how to use our swish new Book Box Club Book Group website! We’re just getting to grips with the technology of our new site and dusting off a few little cobwebs and then we’ll be able to share it with you… well, if you’re a Book Box Club member that is!

web secret book groupIf you’re new to this blog, or to the concept of Book Box Club altogether, one of the coolest things (we think) about Book Box Club is the club element. Each month members not only receive a box jam-packed with bookish goodies and a brand new YA fiction release, but they’re also treated to an invite to a top-secret, members-only online book group where we meet with each other AND the author of our featured book to discuss character flaws, plot twists, warped settings, behind-the-scenes writing stories and lots more!

The magical place where all of this action happens is called “THE CLUBHOUSE” – our meetings there will happen monthly and will be chaired by us – your Book Box Club founders – to allow you to ask as many questions to each other and to our special guest authors. There’ll also be short exclusive video readings from our authors and a chance to meet up online beforehand to help us countdown to The Clubhouse. In addition to our Clubhouse meetings you’ll be able to chat to one another anytime in our Reading Room about all thing bookish and create your own profiles with book bios and pictures. We think it’s going to be a really friendly space to get to know other genuine bookworms and delve inside the minds of brilliant authors.

behind-the-scenes-photography-7993Of course, if you want to join in the fun you have to be subscribed to Book Box Club! Our October Freedom Squad boxes are currently on sale and contain some absolutely AWESOME goodies (more on that here). So do head over to our website and sign up to join us. And if you’re already one of our members we’ll be in touch very soon with your personal login information so that you can start hanging out in the Clubhouse with us and your fellow Book Box Club buddies.

Happy reading weekends everyone

Lots of love,
Kate x


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