Introducing…Our November Theme

Hello book lovers,

I’m typing from a room full of packed boxes ready to go out to the post office and by the time you read this October Freedom Squad members can rest assured that their Book Box Club shaped parcel will be safely on its way! We are so excited to start seeing some unboxing videos, photos and blogs of our lovely October boxes.

Now it’s time to start talking about November! If you haven’t already seen on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook then click below to watch our November theme reveal trailer..


So there you have it. The theme for our November box is Secrets and Sisterhood! We are so excited to share this next box with you! I know we say that every month, but it really is true. This book took some tracking down, we read some really brilliant ARCs in preparation for November, but each one was either too similar in one tiny way to a previous featured book or just not quite 100% loved by both of us. We each read our chosen book in under a week and neither of us could put it down. Each day I’d text Kate and ask her what page she was on and after we had both read the shocking conclusion we spent ages on the phone discussing the ending; that’s how we knew it would be perfect to feature in our box. If two of us can chat about a book for an hour just imagine all the great book group discussions to be had in our members-only online Clubhouse!

The theme title came easily after that and we have already lined up some fantastic crafts people to include, that we just can’t wait to tell you about about. More about that later. I don’t want to spoil too much for people who like their box to be a complete surprise.

I will say that fans of E. Lockhart and Gone Girl will go absolutely mad over this book and anyone with a sister will find that it keeps them up at night.

OK, I’m done with spoilers. Subscribe now to find out more and to guarantee that you get a November Secrets and Sisterhood box. As usual we only have a limited number available so get in there quick to avoid disappointment.

We’d love to hear what you think of our November theme and, October Freedom Squad members, keep you unboxings coming and remember to tag us in them; seeing you enjoy our box makes our day/week/month! We really appreciate all of your support.

Have a lovely bookish weekend full of crisp Autumn mornings and snuggling under blankets with a book!

Libby xx


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