The Enchanted Forest: Clubhouse recap

Happy weekend bookish friends,

Over here at Book Box Club we are still reeling after a vefullsizerenderry successful first Book Box Club meeting in our brand new Clubhouse with our lovely September members. When we first discussed the ideas for Book Box Club we were adamant that we wanted a space for bookish people to get together with the author to talk about their book, the writing process, inspiration and reading in general so we were so thrilled this week when our dreams became a reality thanks to our amazingly clever website wizard, Carl.

On Thursday we met with Peadar O Guilin, the author of the chilling dystopian thriller The Call. Kate and I have been huge fans of The Call since it first gripped us (which is why we chose it for our first Book Box Club read) so to say we were a little over excited is an understatement! Our founding members can testify to the fact that Kate and I had had way too many skittles in the our book group planning/fan girling session in the hour leading up to the book group so, by the time everyone logged on, we were practically shaking with excitement and sugar!

We started the meeting by hearing Peadar read from the opening chapter. I always find it interesting to listen to an author read and The Call in Peadar’s Irish accent sounded way better than I imagined it! Peadar was a great sport. I can’t believe how many juicy sneak peeks he gave us into what would happen in book two! I’ve been keeping up to date on interviews and things about The Call online and I think we got an inside scoop there! For fangirls like us, it was a real treat!

fullsizerender-3Thank you to the members who sent in questions for Peadar before the meeting too. They were brilliant and I think they spurred on various other discussions. Did anyone come up with a previously discussed book of folklore from around the world? If so I’d love to hear about it! We couldn’t have wished for a more friendly and welcoming group of people to chat to in our first book group. It honestly felt like talking with friends, so thank you so much for that. The Clubhouse is still open for those who want to add anything to the discussion (but you’ll have to be a member to see it!) and we will then keep it online for those of you who weren’t able to make the meeting and want to catch up on what they missed. The boards in the Reading Room are also there for you to start your own topics, chat and make friends. There are some brilliant discussions hotting up in there already so, if you haven’t already, pop in and have your say.

If you are not part of the Book Box Cub yet and you like the sound of our exclusive members only book groups then do not delay. Order your first Book Box Club box now, the next box will be sent out mid November and features a brand new hardback page turner with a real emotional punch. The whole box will be themed around Secrets & Sisterhood (see our theme reveal trailer here) and we can already confirm that it will contain an item from the very talented Till & Dill (for a crafty q&a with Till & Dill click here). We can also confirm that our November author will be joining us for the Clubhouse meeting too and we are so excited to meet them!

Have wonderful bookish weekends filled with long lie-ins, autumn sunshine and of course, books!



2 thoughts on “The Enchanted Forest: Clubhouse recap

  1. Hey there,
    I am from Life2books.
    I think your idea is great I love it!
    I also have a blog although I have been lacking on updating it .
    So just wanted to say good job .


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