Introducing…our December theme!

Happy weekend bookish friends!

As usual we are hopping around the room with excitement, or we would be if we had any floor space left to move under all of this turquoise shred and silver paper! Not only is it posting week for our November Secrets & Sisterhood boxes but it’s theme reveal time again! We are so excited to share this theme with you, we just know you are going to love it! Click the image below for our December theme reveal trailer, in which I get creative…




So there you have it. Our theme for our December box is MAGIC BY NIGHT and please trust me when I say that we could not be more thrilled to feature this book for our box. As soon as I heard about the premise I was excited and it didn’t take many sittings of reading my ARC copy to know that we just HAD to have this book for Book Box Club. Kate was equally enthralled and called me to chat about it after she had finished the first chapter. It’s a tricky read to shoehorn into a particular genre, it has everything; romance, teenage angst, small-town prejudice and magical creatures. The writing is seriously beautiful and some nights I would read it before I went to sleep and wake up wondering if I had really read those magical scenes or actually dreamt them instead! If any of you are fans of Maggie Stiefvater and the vivid descriptions in Erin Morgenstern’s  The Night Circus then this will be right up your street!

And because this is our Christmas box we have got some extra special things planned including items we have never had in our boxes before and suppliers you may not have come across.

For those of you out there buying Christmas gifts, don’t worry, we have your back. Our boxes are on sale right now and will be available right up until December 14th (or until we sell out) and we will be posting our December boxes to arrive in time for the big day. Last minute present buyers need not worry either, after our send out day on 15th December you will be able to purchase a January box and printable e vouchers can be sent on request so that the lucky recipient has something to open on Christmas day.

I hope you like this slightly different theme reveal trailer once again filmed by the very talented Hakan Ahmet ( The time lapse took a whole day, but luckily Hakan’s edit manages to cut out the copious amount of tea drunk and biscuits consumed. I’m really not too sure what to do with the painting now, what with all the lovely bookish prints I own I’m running out of wall space! Currently it is leaning against my radiator in my kitchen so if you are local to London and want it…let us know!


We’d love to hear what you think of our December theme. Do tell us in the comments below or on our social media channels and if you haven’t yet written your letters for Santa start dropping Christmas hints now!

We are very happy to confirm that in addition to this brand new, wonderful book and beautiful bookish goodies, December members will also be able to meet the author online when she joins us for our Book Box Club Clubhouse meeting in the new year. There will be so much to talk about. I, for one, already have a list of things to say!

Have a magical bookish weekend,

Lots of love,



One thought on “Introducing…our December theme!

  1. I am so bummed out that I’m not local to you guys. I really want that painting. Maybe I can get a miniature one someday? Gosh, I hope.

    Also, I kinda hope you use it for the unboxing card or something. That would be cool.


    Liked by 1 person

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