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Hello book-loving friends,

So, by now you will all know about our very exciting December theme (if not then where have you been? For the theme reveal head over to our previous blog post now!). All of this talk of Magic by Night, coupled with these long winter nights curled up under a blanket with a book, got us to talking about all of our favourite magical night reads.

No conversation about magical books would last long before Harry Potter got a mention. I’m thinking particularly of all of those fantastic scenes when Harry wanders about Hogwarts at night; all of the creeping around with an invisibility cloak and a marauder’s map for company made me wish I had a castle to wander around. This time of year always makes me remember the long nights I spent staying up late reading the series for the first time. I really think I must be due a reread, especially with Fantastic Beasts out this week, I can’t wait to get back to the wizarding world.

Another fabulously magical read perfect to snuggle up with is The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. Seriously, if you haven’t read it yet you really, really should. This is one book that definitely lives up to its stunning cover design. It is the story of a monochromatic circus that shows up without warning and is open from dusk until dawn. The descriptions are what hooked me, I really felt like I could smell the toffee apples and hear the drumrolls off the contortionist’s show. There are romances, ice gardens, and mystical fortune tellers and everthing you could want for a fantastical read. There is something about the very visual descriptions in The Night Circus that remind me of those in our December book. In some ways it couldn’t be more different, but the mesmerising decriptions really do remind me of Erin Morgenstern’s writing style.


Magic by Night is a theme that really reminds me of some of my favourite childhood reads too. Peter Pan’s ‘second star from the right’ and the Darling’s adventure to Neverland was one that always sparked my imagination. Tom’s Midnight Garden is well worth a reread for anyone who had it as a child, it’s still as magical as when I first read it aged 8. The other book that has a strong magical thread to it and was one of my absolute favourites of all time is The Little White Horse by Elizabeth Goudge. It was only more recently that I found out that it was one of J K Rowling’s favourites as a young girl too, but it is a book I’d recommend to anyone, especially when tucked up on the sofa with a hot chocolate. What could be more cosy than that? It tells the tale of young Maria Merryweather and her arrival at her Uncle’s estate. Maria’s bedroom is high up I’m one of the towers and something about the gorgeous descriptions of the room and it’s vaulted ceiling painted with gold and sliver stars and the little sheepskin rug by the bed and the multi-coloured patchwork quilt, made me practically desparate to escape my terraced town house for a much more romantic castle!

If we are talking magic we had better mention Sarah J Maas. Obviously I am a fan! I have been planning my escape to the Night Court for a while now, it just sounds so beautiful. There are also plenty of night time adventures and misdeeds that take place in the Throne of Glass series. I’m pretty sure there are plenty of dodgy goings on afer dark in Terrassen in general!

magic.jpgCan anyone else out there think of any other books that have a similar Magic by Night theme? I am always up for a fantastical read that will keep me up past my bedtime so do comment below. The book we are including in December’s box is full of messed up main characters, strange dreams, magical journeys and brilliant writing and we can’t wait to share it with you all, especially as we have already lined up a members-only online book club in our Clubhouse with the author. So much to ask, so much to discuss!

Head over to our website now to snap up a Magic by Night box now before the Christmas rush.

Have a lovely weekend full of dog-eared pages and starry skies.

Love, Libby xx


2 thoughts on “Magical Night time reads

  1. ‘The Accident Season’ by Moira Fowley-Doyle is a great cosy night time read. Spooky and mystical and set here in rainy Ireland. I loved reading it last winter!
    And let’s not forget the ‘Mara Dyer’ series. I think they’re perfect night time reads. X


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