Book Box Club: A Bookish Community

With Christmas on the horizon and our living rooms covered in GORGEOUS items ready to send in out in our Magic by Night December boxes (there’s still a few available over on our website if you’d like to join us!) we thought we’d take a moment to appreciate the people who make Book Box Club so much fun: our lovely members.

When Libby and I started dreaming of Book Box Club, we imagined creating and being part of a virtual friendly community, full of people who were all just as crazy about reading as we are. We wanted Book Box Club to be more than just a subscription box full of books and treats. We wanted it to be about making new bookish friends. We’ve only been sending out our boxes for three months now, but we feel very lucky to be able to say that we already feel part of something very special and we have our amazing subscribers to thank for that.

We wanted to share with you some of the fabulous things that you guys have said about Book Box Club. Your words, photos and videos make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside and even if you’re one of our quieter subscribers, who we don’t hear from quite so much we want you to know how much we appreciate you and to say a huge thanks to you for subscribing to our club and for supporting a brand new bookish venture.

Over to you guys (click on the links to visit the social media channels of our members):


“That’s the cool thing about Book Box Club; you don’t just get a box, you also get access to an exclusive online bookclub! That’s really cool!”  Amber from Milelongbookshelf

“They did a really cool box trailer that blew me  away! I’ve never seen any other box do something like that!” Casey Ann Books

“Book Box Club feels really collaborative and I love that about it. It feels like you can just join in. You are not just getting a box, you are getting an experience!” Lucy the Reader

“Every box is outstanding, from the way everything is packaged to the selection of additional items. As if that’s not enough, there’s a monthly book club event where you can speak to the author and other subscribers online! I adored that part!” Book Roast

“Book Box Club boxes are brilliantly curated! I loved it!” Ella from Fiction and Fae

“I have been introduced to a new company I really really love! I love it when you get the chance to be interactive, everyone can really get to know each other and are brought together over the love of the same book.” Emmma books

“I love when I can sense that the owners listen to their subscribers.I’ve said it before, but what I find super awesome about being one of the founding members of this particular box is that it feels so personal. As we discussed last months book in the clubhouse, I came to thinking that we’ve created our own little community.During the live chat we began joking with each other, and it felt like we were close. It didn’t matter that every body else lived in UK, I still felt like I could arrange to meet them all at a café tomorrow. This feeling is, for me, the thing that sets Book Box Club apart from other bookish boxes.”  Maja from Bookishaddicted

“You get to join the clubhouse where you can chat live with the author. I always end up adding to my TBR list! The first three books left me wanting to discuss them with others!” Moon Kestrel

“I definitely recommend buying this box…it’s amazing!” Anna from A Literary Potion

“If you want a box with loads of attention to detail and really nice touches and especially if you want an online book club included with your box (winner!) you should definitely head over to Book Box Club.” Laura from Life is a Book Blog

If you want in on our unashamedly bookish community head over to our website and sign up to our December Magic by Night box. There are just a few left and we’ll be posting them early next week so you won’t have long to wait before you receive your own box of Book Box Club goodies. Each box contains a brand new YA book, a selection of themed Magic by Night goodies and an invitation to our online members-only book group The Clubhouse, where you can chat to the author of our featured book and our lovely members. December subscriptions will be available until 14th of December or until we sell out, but if you’re buying for a Christmas gift we recommend you get in there early so we can post your box out ASAP.

And if you just like the sound of Book Box Club and would like to help us spread the word please tell someone bookish about our club, share this blog or follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. We love welcoming new members and we hope to make lots more unashamedly bookish friends in the months to come.

Lots of love,
Kate & Libby xxx


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