Introducing our January theme…

So here we are, all of the lovely December boxes are making their epic journeys to your doorsteps, Christmas day is nearly upon us and 2016 is nearly at an end. This year has been a life changing one for us in many ways; we have sent out the first four Book Box Club boxes and have absolutely loved being welcomed into the online bookish community by all of you inspiring and encouraging people. 2016 has been an absolute whirlwind, but a very happy one!

Don’t worry everyone, we still have lots of exciting things planned for 2017. In fact, to kick things off, here is our January theme reveal trailer!  Make your self a cup of tea,turn up your speakers and get comfy then click on the image below for the full Book Box Club cinematic experience!



So there we have it. The theme for our January box is….Immortal Stories!

This box has been a long time in the making. We first heard mention of this book way back in June last year and I made a scratchy little note of the title in my very first ‘planning Book Box Club’ notebook. The premise is seriously unique and as soon as we read a blurb for it we knew it would be right up our street. I’d like to say that right from the beginning we knew our lovely subscribers would love it, but when we first discussed it we didn’t have any subscribers at all, Book Box Club was just a twinkle in our eye!

We spent a long while tracking down an ARC, but much less time devouring the story. It’s a fantastical dystopian world with secret societies, dark rituals and stories passed down through generations. If you like shadowy worlds like the ones in A Daughter of Smoke and Bone and The Bone Season then this is the box for you. We are also very excited to confirm that the author will be joining us in our members only Clubhouse to discuss the book with our lovely members and she is super friendly and very excited about it!

We have also lined up a whole host of talented crafts people to make the items contained in our Immortal Stories box and, between you and me, these goodies are going to be amazing! The other exciting thing about this book is that we have it exclusively on early release which means you will all be amongst the first to get your hands on it! Eeek!

immortal-storiesThe trailer was once again filmed by the very talented Hax Ahmet over at, do check out some of his other work and give him some love as this shoot took place over the course of four hours in sub degree temperatures and, as it turns out, setting fire to a page and holding it in front of a camera without dropping it is not the easiest thing for the safety conscious even with a bucket of water on standby. That shot took around 30 takes, but Hax stayed a pro throughout!

Who else is massively excited by the sound of our next featured book? Have we offended you all massively by burning books in our trailer (we promise that all books harmed in this film were willingly sacrificed for the sake of art, and that as book-lovers making this film did make us pretty uncomfortable!)? Will you ever talk to us again (please do!)? Let us know in the comments below or on our regular social media hang outs. As always, we would love you forever if you would retweet, like, share, repost etc. and most importantly JOIN US for our first box of a very exciting New Year.

Have a lovely festive weekend everyone,

Libby & Kate



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