Introducing our March Theme!

Happy Friday book-lovers!

We figured we’d kick off the weekend the right way… by revealing our March theme!

It feels so strange to even be talking about March already (as we’ve only just made it safely to February) – but we have so many exciting Spring plans at Book Box Club HQ and one of the first of those that we can let you in on is…our March theme. We are absolutely stoked to reveal this theme, because we’ve been planning it for AGES and we think so many of you will love it. Please do fill us in on what you think!

For now, take a little moment, have a sit down and click on the image below for our March theme reveal trailer…


So there you have it! We are thrilled to announce that the theme for our March box will be… TIME TRAVEL! Is there anything more intriguing than an adventure through time? Tardis’ and time-turners at the ready, everyone!

Our featured book for March will be loved by anyone who has ever wondered what it would be like to live in a different decade, and for those of us who believe that love defies the laws of time and space. It’s a romantic, action-packed mystery which will make you want to turn straight back to page one once you’ve finished. Fans of The Time Traveller’s Wife, Lauren Oliver and the Passenger duology will be hooked.

Each Time Travel Book Box Club Box will include one brand-new gift-wrapped YA release, lots of bookish goodies created by talented small businesses and craftspeople who we love and are excited to introduce you to, plus an invite to our members-only online book group in our exclusive Clubhouse. Don’t worry we’ll give you time to read the featured book beforefilming.JPG meeting you in The Clubhouse, along with our special guest author and our other lovely Book Box Club members, where you’ll get a chance to ask our featured writer all your burning questions and mingle with other friendly bookish folk.

We’d love to hear what you think of our March theme so please do get in touch on social media or in the comments below and don’t forget to share our video with everyone you know! Once again we’d like to thank our resident film-maker Hax Ahmet for being very talented and patient and for supplying the jaffa cakes!

Our Time Travel boxes are on sale now so head over to our website now to subscribe. Remember, there are only a limited number of boxes available so don’t leave it till the last minute and risk missing out. If you’re already a Book Box Club member, you can rest easy, we’ll put your name on one of our March boxes and post it to you around the 15th of next month.

Have a great weekend everyone,

Kate & Libby xx


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