Don you Time-Turner – it’s almost March!

Hello bookish buddies,

Anyone else feel like the clocks are on fast forward his month? How can it possibly be nearly March already? How time flies when you are busy organising up coming Book Box Club boxes. We are so excited to start getting ready to pack up our March boxes because the theme is one we have been itching to explore since we started! As soon as we read the featured book (from cover to cover with barely looking up from the page) we knew it was fantastic and a brilliant opportunity to talk more about one this kick-ass theme. Check out our theme reveal trailer if you want to get in the mood for a box stuffed with handcrafted goodies, a romantic, era hopping, newly released YA mystery and an invite to our members only book club meeting with the author in our specially designed Clubhouse.

Needless to say, Kate and I love Time Travel. One of my favourite small talk avoidance ice-breakers is: if you had a time machine for a day, where (or when) would you go? My answer changes from day to day but usually centres around riding a horse and wearing a cloak Kate thinks she would mosr likely set the machine to go back to the Jurassic period and instantly regret it when she comes face to face with a T-Rex. We love reading about Time Travel too and this week we’ve been thinking about some of the books we’ve loved where the characters hop about through the seconds, minutes and hours.

The Time Traveller’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

This book is first and foremost an epic romance. It is one that I still think about even years after reading it and I know that timetravelerKate is also a huge fan. If you haven’t already read this then I urge you to, as long as you have a box of tissues handy; it’s seriously gut wrenching! The story follows Clare and Thomas who first met when she was a child and he was 36. Although Harry can travel through time, there is something about Clare that keeps calling him back to her. The couple meet with no idea what time they will see each other again and no way of controlling it. Plotting a novel about time travel must be the most difficult thing to handle and Audrey Niffenger seems to have somehow fit all the pieces together and still managed to make the characters real and memorable.

Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling

harry_potter_and_the_prisoner_of_azkabanBecause would any Time Travel list be complete without Hermione’s Time-Turner? That moment when you realise how they would be able to pull of that dual-rescue mission (being extra vague to keep the magic alive) has to be one of the biggest reveals of the whole series. It did leave me a little bit confused, however? I expect people have asked this before but surely they could have used better use of that Time Turner…imagine all of the horrible things that could have been avoided in The Deathly Hallows if they had just got that out of their pockets. Also, in what universe would your headteacher trust a 14 year old with the time-space continuum. I don’t know, I know Dumbledore is pretty reckless but that is pushing it, right?


passengerViolin prodigy and kick-ass protagonist Etta finds herself on a time travelling adventure back in the 1700’s where a treasure hunt for a mysterious object could have the power to save the world as we know it. So many great things about this book; the world building, the hot African-American leading man, THAT ending.  I haven’t read Wayfarer yet but the cliff hanger has left me itching to bump it right to the top of my TBR.

The Immortals by S.E. Lister

A time-traveller’s daughter is forced to relive the year 1945 over aimmortalsnd over again. Stuck in an endless cycle of news bulletins, bombs, war-time celebrations and a family she longs to escape, Rosa is relieved when she finally breaks free. But then she finds herself slipping uncontrollably through time, discovering new eras, new people and in the company of a
maverick time gyspy! If you haven’t already discovered this fresh time-travel novel – with it’s exquisite descriptions of each new era through fresh eyes – then do look it up! It’s a cracking read.



Has anyone read any of these time hopping escapades above? If so do let us know! If you like the sound of our March Time Travel box then do head over to our website now to subscribe as we only have a handful of boxes left. Once they are gone they are gone and no time machine will be able to retrieve a box if you miss out!

We would like to celebrate National Reading Month in March by offering you all a discount off our March Time Travel box, for a limited time only. Enter the code below at the check out for a cheeky 5% discount off month by month subscriptions…

Get Reading.jpg

The book is perfect for fans of Lauren Oliver, The Time Traveller’s Wife and The Passenger Duology and last week we announced one of the suppliers of a box item will be…the very talented illustrator duo, Papio Press, click to here to find out more in our Crafty Q&A blog or here to travel back in time to peek into our previous boxes. What are your favourite books about Time Travel? We would love to hear about them. Let us know in the comments below or drop us a comment on one of our social media channels.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone. Whatever you are doing.







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