Introducing… Our Very Talented Film Maker

Happy hump day everyone!

We are getting all excited having recently revealed our April BELLES AND BEASTS theme trailer last week. We feel very lucky indeed to have someone nearby (very nearby) who helps us each month to reveal our theme in style. Hakan is Libby’s boyfriend and a professional videographer who spends a lot of his free time helping out with Book Box Club projects and generally being an all round star! We thought it was about time you guys got to know him a bit better!

Usually we like to reserve these questions for the suppliers who create beautiful things for our boxes each month but this time we are, instead, celebrating our lovely theme reveal videos that so many of you message us about each month. It is so exciting to be able to work with so many talented creatives in our industry. Book Box Club really is a team effort so without further ado…lets get a little closer to the brains behind the films…

Creative Q&A

Hax Ahmet-Films


We know you love books – so tell us about your favourites.

One of the first “grown up books” I read was Mario Puzo’s “The Godfather”, and was responsible for me wanting to make an active effort to read more. As a youngster I was very slow at reading, which for me always made it feel like a chore. The Godfather reinstated what immersing yourself in fiction was all about, and I’ve never been without a book since. Some of my more recent standout favourites have been “A Thousand Splendid Suns” and “City of Thieves”.

Which of your films are you proudest of and why?
Well, seeing as I come from a corporate film background, which is mostly filming bankers talk about their yearly projections, I must admit that some of the films I have produced for Book Box Club are amongst some of my favourites. In particular, the “Freedom Squad” trailer worked particularly well and really developed at the edit desk.
What does your editing area look like?
I’m lucky enough to have a whole room in my house dedicated to accommodating my edit suite and camera equipment. As much as I try to keep it tidy, it soon fills with half drunk coffee cups and notes strewn over the floor! As well as working from home, I also like to work from cool, inspiring spaces around London, as lets be fair, I can’t be working in my PJ’s every day! 
What do you eat whilst you work and what do you listen to?
Chocolate and Bon Iver
Have you ever had a filmmaking disaster?
Of course! But nothing anyone has ever ended up knowing about. They don’t call it “editing” for nothing ; )
What inspires you to make films and how did you begin?
What inspires me is easy, it’s my love for all that is film. Watching it, filming it, editing it, battling with it, even sometimes disagreeing with it. Every time I set out to make any sort of film, I want it to be the best thing I’ve ever made, no matter how big or small. I am my own worst critic, and I feel that’s what drives me to keep on improving. For any creative to think they know it all is pure ignorance. 
Apart from making creative films and reading what do you like doing?


I’m lucky enough to say that my job is my hobby…so a lot of my spare time is still taken up with camera related stuff. When I tear myself away, I’m a huge fan of Golf, Cycling & Skiing. 

Aaand that’s a wrap! We are so excited for you guys to get to know Hakan better especially after the release of our latest April BELLES AND BEASTS trailer (click here if you somehow missed it). Do head on over to Hakan’s website if you are interested on what other beautiful films he’s made and follow him on Insta, Facebook and Twitter.
Have a lovely weekend everyone!
Love, Libby & Kate

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