Introducing…one of our talented April suppliers

Happy Saturday book lovers!
Kate and I are preparing for a cinema date that has been in the calendar for months and I will give you two guesses as to what film will be on the screen!
We are both such huge Beauty and the Beast fans, so as soon as we heard a rumour of a brand new YA retelling we knew we just had to get our grubby hands on it and include it in our April box. For anyone out there who has had their head buried in the sand (or in a book!) for the past two weeks, click here to see our trailer for our Belles & Beast themed box and click here to head over to our website and join us!
We are so excited to be including lots of amazing goodies this April, all of which will be handmade by very talented crafty people.
Here at Book Box Club we recognise that our book boxes are only able to happen because we have the help of so many awesome people along the way. Working with artsy creators has to be one of the highlights of our job and this month we have found some items that we think you are going to love. So, without further ado….we are excited to announce that one of our lovely April suppliers will be…Laura the creator of the Manchester based Fox and Lilly.
As soon as we saw Laura’s designs and super stylish website our fist thoughts were of filling our own houses with all of the lovely things she makes! Once we had calmed down a bit and put our business hats back on we realised that if we love Laura’s items then you guys sure as hell will too, so where better to turn for our next box supplier! We thought we would find out a little bit more about what inspires Laura to create in our Book Box Club Crafty Q&A.

Book Box Club Crafty Q&A

We know you love books – so tell us about your favourites.
My all time favourite book is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I fell in love with her work as a teenager. I love the fashion, manners and etiquette of the Georgian period. As well as reading classics I also love a good science fiction novel such as the Hunger Games and Divergent trilogies.

Which of your creations are you proudest of and why?
I’m currently in the process of bringing out a range of ceramic jewellery and accessories. Last year I debuted a small range at Christmas markets and they were really popular and well received. When you cook up an idea and after months of making and tweaking it, its an incredibly proud moment to see customers compliment your work.

What does your crafting area look like?
Chaos! I’m a messy maker, so when i’m in the middle of making orders my area is a sea of fabric and pins.

What do you eat whilst you craft and what do you listen to?

It’s less about eating and more about drinking tea. I’m a sucker for making a cup of tea during crafting and completely forgetting its even there. For me cups of tea fuel my creativity. Lately I’ve found myself crafting to the tunes of the La La Land soundtrack having recently watching the movie.

Have you ever had a crafting disaster?

I once made up a big batch of ceramic dishes and I had to transport them to a local pottery studio for firing. When clay has dried and not yet had its first firing they are so easily breakable, and these has been drying out for two full days. When I arrived at the studio and opened the box I found around a half of them had broken in half during the five minute drive. Having spent three days making and drying them it was probably one of the most frustrating moments.

What inspires you to craft and how did you begin?

My inspiration for crafting stems from my mother. As a child I would see her cross stitching and making up my amazing school play costumes. Her creativeness certainly rubbed off on me during my upbringing and from that I decided to study Textiles at GCSE and A Level.

Apart from making beautiful things and reading what do you like doing?

In my spare time I also play for a local brass band. I’ve been playing in a band from the age of 11 and currently play for a Championship section band. Just last month our band qualified for the Nationals in October which will take place at the Royal Albert Hall.
Fox and Lilly 3
A crafternoon with a cup of tea and the La La land soundtrack sounds like an absolute dream to us! I hope you all are as excited as we are for the item Laura is making for us; it will be a custom item designed especially for Book Box Club, which means that only our April members will have it. We think its going  to be absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much to Laura for being a star and for these lovely photos. If you don’t already follow the Fox and Lily Instagram feed, you really should, it has given us some serious feed envy!
Have an enchanting weekend everyone!
Love, Libby and Kate xx

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