Book Box Club Recommends!

Happy hump day bookish buddies!

We hope that you’re all having wonderful weeks. We have been really busy bees brainstorming and planning and plotting and packing and READING all in the name of the future of Book Box Club. I won’t deny it… we’re having a blast!

Lately, we’ve found the task of picking books for our boxes particularly tricky, not for lack of choice, but rather because those pesky publishers keep bringing out such damn good books!

Libby and I think that the book is always THE most important thing that we put in our box each month. We want to send you books that will keep you up reading all night, with characters that you’ll fall in love with, in settings that you wish you could transport yourself to… and to make sure that our chosen books fulfil the brief we read ferociously (and often with quite a lot of tea and biscuits to keep us focused)! We’re lucky that although we have quite different reading tastes, so far (!) we’ve always agreed about which books should be the chosen ones and these are the books that we lovingly wrap in our silver paper, tie with string and send to you.

Sometimes though, we find ourselves in possession of a mountain of incredible reads we could have happily shared with you. Here’s just a few of our other recommended reads for May (and one for June):

20170424_190740Release by Patrick Ness
Publication: May 4th (Walker Books)

What’s it about: One day in the life of a seventeen-year-old boy, but this is no ordinary day, this will turn out to be one of the most unsettling, difficult days of Adam Thorn’s life. This book deals with some big LGBT issues, religion, mythology and interweaves a ghostly narrative too, it’s an ambitious novel, but is so beautifully told.
Why we think it’s awesome: It has to be said, we are already pretty big Patrick Ness fans. Libby counts The Knife of Never Letting Go amidst her favourite books, and we both blubbed our hearts out over A Monster Calls, so it’s no big surprise that we love Release. I also really love books set over a really short time-span and I think the way that Patrick Ness portrays this one day in Adam’s life is so powerful and thought-provoking. Also, Release is inspired by Virginia Woolf’s Mrs Dalloway and Forever by Judy Blume – how cool is that?!
Who will love it:  Readers who love emotional books that make you re-evaluate your views and fans of History is All You Left Me, We Come Apart and The Hate U Give.

20170424_190825.jpgThe Circus by Olivia Levez
Publication: May 4th (Rock the Boat)

What’s it about: An over-privileged serial-runaway whose flailing relationship with her father leaves her feeling deeply dissatisfied. On the eve of her father’s wedding, Willow takes flight once again, with the dream of becoming a circus performer. But the circus isn’t the welcoming place that Willow imagined it to be and soon she finds herself in a rather dark and desperate situation, with only a rather shady companion for company…
Why we think it’s awesome: I love stories about female friendship and the unlikely, volatile relationship between Willow and Suze at the heart of The Circus is a really memorable one. I also really enjoy reading about characters that aren’t particularly likeable and for me, Willow certainly ticks that box!
Who will love it: Readers who like gripping books with quirky characters & fans of Nightwanderers, The Gracekeepers and Birdy Flynn.

20170424_190632The Girl in Between by Sarah Carroll
Publication: May 4th (Simon & Schuster)

What’s it about: Told in the distinctive voice of a young girl from the streets, The Girl in Between is the story of a homeless girl and her mother who take shelter in an abandoned mill. The pair call their “home” – The Castle – for it’s the grandest place they’ve ever lived – but when developers show up it’s clear that their shelter may not be theirs for much longer.
Why we think it’s awesome: The voice of the girl is fantastic, so convincing and surprisingly funny. A view on a really troubled situation from a really young and innocent voice and a very unexpected ending (I love a surprising ending).
Who will love it: Readers who enjoy gritty, character-driven books. Fans of Patrick Ness, David Almond and Meg Rosoff will not be disappointed.

20170424_190919.jpgShowstopper by Hayley Barker
Publication: June 1st (Scholastic) 

What’s it about: A Romeo & Juliet style story set in a near future England, where the poorest people in the land must sell their children to a dangerous, blood-thirsty travelling circus, whilst the ruling class visit the circus an escape from their high-octane, luxurious lives.
Why we think it’s awesome: There’s lots of ingredients in this book that are familiar, a love story with two individuals from different sides of the tracks, a dystopian, vivid setting, a circus theme (we love a circus theme!) and yet it still manages to be really original, gripping and feel very relevant.
Who will love it: People who love magical settings, dark stories and dual narratives (the story alternates between the perspectives of the two protagonists) and fans of Caraval, Ink and The Night Circus.

And that’s just a taster. There are so many brilliant books coming out at the moment. What have you guys read recently that you thought was extraordinary? Have you seen any books that will be published this season that you can’t wait to get your hands on? Do drop us a comment with your own recommendations. There’s nothing we love more than exchanging bookish tips.

Finally, a little reminder for our March members: don’t forget tomorrow is the big day… we’ll be welcoming Angie Stanton, the lovely author of Waking in Time to our Clubhouse tomorrow at 8pm (BST) for our Time Travel book group. If you haven’t received your login details, do give us a shout and if you have a question that you’d like to ask Angie (or our other unashamedly bookish subscribers) head over to the Reading Room now and tell us what it is. We hope to chat to lots of you tomorrow.

If you’d like to be part of our unashamedly bookish community and receive an utterly brilliant book in the post each month, plus a curated selection of themed goodies and an invite to our members-only online book group (where you’ll get to chat the author of our featured book) head over to our website and join us. We still have a few Wizards at War boxes available and we can promise you that the book inside is AMAZING!!!

Lots of love,
Libby & Kate xx


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