Introducing one of our talented June suppliers!

The sun is out and we are in the mood for sharing! We know how much you guys love getting insider knowledge about our upcoming boxes so we thought we’d treat you to another SUPPLIER REVEAL!

We are so excited to announce that our June Schoolroom Scandals box will contain a beautiful item from The Locket Library! We’ve had our eyes on Mel and Chris’s beautiful jewellery for some time now, so we can barely wait to send you one of their unashamedly bookish items in your June boxes. Mel and Chris are a Sheffield based team who create the most lovely lockets, charms, rings, and even stationery inspired by their love of books. We first noticed their beautiful items months ago and we have been waiting for the perfect theme to come along ever since! 
At Book Box Club we like to get to know the people who help to make our boxes so special, so we asked Mel and Chris our Crafty Q&A to find out more about their favourite books and what inspires them!

Book Box Club Crafty Q&A

The Locket Library


We know you love books – so tell us about your favourites.

Wow – tough first question! I think my favourite classic book is Pride and Prejudice. More modern literature I’d have to say His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman – very excited to hear about the upcoming trilogy!

Which of your creations are you proudest of and why?

It has to be the classic quote necklace in silver without a book cover. This was the first piece I made and was what kick started the business. It was also the first item we sold.

What does your crafting area look like?

If I’ve been up there alone – A mess! It is our attic conversion, and we do everything up there for the business. It’s a nice, big open space with lots of natural light 🙂

What do you eat whilst you craft and what do you listen to?

Noughties indie rock and biscuits of any variety with a constant stream of tea and diet coke!!!

Have you ever had a crafting disaster?

Nope!. *Quickly looks around for something wooden to touch…*quoteneck

What inspires you to craft and how did you begin?

Books! We love books. You can be whisked off anywhere, anytime. Everyone has a favourite and they invoke such powerful memories and feelings. What inspires us now we are set up is the wonderful messages we get from our buyers. We’ve had some really emotional requests and interesting orders and it is an honour to help make someone’s big day or family event with our items.

Apart from making beautiful things and reading what do you like doing?

We are fortunate to live in Sheffield, which is a beautiful city (the greenest in Europe, no less!). We are even luckier to live next to one of the biggest parks in Sheffield, so we spend a lot of time there. We also live next door to the peak district which is just stunning.

So that’s it folks! Not only will you box contain a beautiful item made by The Locket Library, an exclusive Meraki Candle, a brand new YA book filled with dark secrets and classroom slander, a mystery ARC or finished copy of an upcoming YA read and lots of other bookish goodies, but hidden in amongst that turquoise shred will be an invite to our members-only Clubhouse meeting where you’ll have the chance to chat about the featured read with the author and Book Box Club buddies!

We still have a small handful of June boxes available, but they are limited so do hurry if you would like one. And if you fancy oogling some of The Locket Library’s creations to date you should definitely go and browse their wares on Etsy.

Have a lovely bookish, sun-filled weekend, everyone!

Libby and Kate


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